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BlockDAG x200

The formidable BlockDAG X100 boasts an impressive hash rate of 4 TH/s and consumes a modest 2000W. The X200 is designed for high-performance mining. Daily earnings can reach up to 4,000 BDAG daily Using the SHA-256 algorithm the X200 can also mine Bitcoin and Kaspa. The X200 is engineered to adapt seamlessly to diverse settings while effectively managing noise output.


BlockDag X200 is efficient and profitable for optimising the mining experience. With cutting-edge ASIC technology, it boasts a substantial 4 TH/S hash rate with an impressive energy consumption of 2000 W. Users can earn up to 4,000 BDAG daily, as X200 optimises your earning potential and optimises the mining process. You can also mine Bitcoin and Kaspa with BlockDag X200, as it is equipped with the SHA-256 algorithm. With advanced ethernet connectivity and enhanced heat dissipation, it is an ideal choice for pro miners.

Manufacturer BlockDAG Miner
Model X200
Size 10 Kg( 18cm x 15cm x 8cm )
Hashrate 4 Th/s
Power Consumption  2000 W
Noise level 20 db
Fan(s) 2
Coins Per Day 2000W
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Coins Per Day Up to 4,000 BDAG

Mining Hardware

Employing cutting-edge ASIC technology, the BlockDAG X200 maximises mining efficiency within the BlockDAG.

Hash Rate

At 4 TH/s, the X200 significantly amplifies computational capabilities, enhancing block mining potential.

Energy Efficiency

The X200 balances efficiency and profitability with its power consumption of 2000W.

Scalability and Upgradability

Designed for scalability, the X200 is perfect for enterprise-scale mining.


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